Keyword Research and Planning Guideline

What is Keyword in SEO?

Keywords are the words and phrases in web content which make that content more possible for a user to find out a site via search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo. Usually, content is being written based on some keywords in order to rank in SERPs. For example, if you search “20 Free Keyword Research Tools” in Google, Google will show you so many results on that topic. Here, “Free Keyword Research Tools” is a keyword and “Keyword Research Tools” is another.

Keyword Research

Why Keyword Research is Important?

Keyword Research and Planning is important to get a higher rank in SERPs. To rank a higher search position in Google, Bing, or any other search engine, one need to remember too many things. Google uses more than 200 factors in identifying whether the content is good or bad. The keyword is one of those 200+ factors. To find your site’s content on the first page of Google Search Result, you need to research keywords and should have good planning about it.

How to Do Keyword Research? 

In order to do keyword research, you need to follow some steps. Steps should be made by yourself, not by others. But obviously, you should analyze other’s strategies and know about other’s steps.

You can do too many things. First of all, it is important to select content on a Keyword. Suppose, you want to make content on the keyword of “Keyword Research Tools”. Now you need to find what other keywords are there related to this keyword and what other queries people search on Google on that topic.


Using Ubersuggest, you can find the related keywords. The same keywords related to the word we selected are,

Keyword Research Tool

Free Keyword Research Tools

Tool for Keyword Research and so many.


Again, using Keywords Everywhere, you can find what others question people have on that topic. There you will find a question starting with Wh Question, such as: what is, why it is, how to do.


Then you should combine all these keywords, analyze them, and make a new title for your content/article that contains almost all the related keywords.

A title like “How to, What is” is to attract some users. But it is true that traffic from question type title and direct title are almost equal. So if you write content on only just one type, with only just one type of title; then surely you are losing the other 50% of traffic. So mixing up the contents of both types of titles is important equally.


Some Free Keyword Research Tools:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Ahref’s Keyword Generator
  3. Also Asked
  4. Answer the Public
  5. Keyword Surfer
  6. Moz Keyword Tool
  7. Ubbersuggest Keyword Planner

For having an effective keyword research, you need to know the User Phycology behind Search and use that in your research.


Tracking My Keyword SEO Score:

You can track in many ways. Some of the ways are mentioned below:

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools to check whether your keywords are ranking or not. Any owner of a website or blog site must use Google Analytics.

2. Google Search Console:

Every site owner may have used it. And it is the best way I would say to see the SEO result of my Keywords.

3. Ubbersuggest SEO checker:

It is a good source to know about your SEO performance, weakness, errors, and warning. Though you should not try all their suggested change, it still can help you a lot.

Read the '20 free keyword research tool' article for more information about this.


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