How Google Search Works

Every day, billions of people all over the world search tons of questions on Google. But how google can able to show the exact answer to your question? In this article, we are going to cover how Google search works. We can split the whole process into 3 steps.

how google search works

Step 1: Arranging different content

Google arranges information about webpages in its Search index. The Index is a method to track the information of webpages, documents that are submitted by the owner. The index is like a library. In a library we can find different kinds of books, here every content is like a book. Google keep different content in a different section and track all the record of those sources. Fun fact is that the Google index contains more info than in all the world’s libraries put together.

Step 2: Immediately matching the search

Google uses algorithms to sort hundreds of billions of webpages, documents that are indexed on Google. An algorithm is a process to solve a problem using multiple steps or a sequence of specific actions. Using those algorithms Google shows the most relevant, useful search results what users are looking for.

Step 3: Showing results in helpful ways

Google shows results in many useful formats to help users to find what they are looking for. Also, here Google uses algorithms to figure out what type of format to show.
Here an example to understand this whole process. Suppose, you have a dog and you want to give your dog some healthy food. You search on Google ‘healthy dog food’. In the search result, you can find a list of dog food, what people are also asking, recipes, nearby dog food shops, etc. Google will show you the perfect solution you need.
google search

Different websites want to show their content on the internet so they index their content on Google. Actually, they give permission to Google to show their content, product, document in the search results. Google selects the actual valuable user-friendly content to show the user.

To figure out the actual valuable content Google uses algorithms. Google use to sift through thousands of, millions of possible search queries match in the index, and automatically assemble a page that tries to put the most relevant information up top, for you to choose from.

So here is a question. And it is "actually how did the algorithms decide what made it onto the first page of SERPs?" Over two hundred factors that go into ranking search results. Learn about 150 SEO factors by clicking here. Keyword placement is an important factor. Every valuable content has some targeted keywords. Google finds out those actual keywords and then decide which topics that content perfectly covered.

Placement of the same keyword, again and again, cannot change the ranking position. Google is so intelligent to track tons of indexed content.

Another factor is the location. Google shows different search results based on location. Suppose, you live in London. You search on Google ‘museum’. Here Google will show you the list of museums in London and where they are when they are open and so much information. When a user from New York City searches the same thing, Google shows the list of museums in New York City. That is so much helpful for the user.

Content upload or index time is another important factor. Google finds out the outdated, unhelpful content and shows users the best new or updated content.

People are always searching for new things. One in every seven searches is for something that has never been typed into the search box before, by anyone ever in the history of Google search. So, Google is always working on updates to Search every year. Google uses responses from Raters to evaluate changes, take user experience, but they don’t directly impact how Search results are ranked.

Google shows ads in the search results. Google never sells search results. For this reason, the user can trust on this search engine. The whole system is updating day by day. To make the user experience better they are using many AI systems to track users from different countries. This system can understand that a user is satisfied or not.

Google has a whole website to know how the search system works. To visit that site, click here. Follow our blog for more information.
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